Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stamps for Sale


Here is a list of my retired stamps that I'm selling. Price does not include shipping. My stamps are in great shape & mounted closely. I am asking 50% off retail price for these (used) sets, some even more! Some have been used only 1-2 times! First come, First serve

Stamp Sets:

All About U $14.00
Alphabet Soup $8.00
Alphabits $8.00
Around the Block $5.00
Big Blossom $8.50
Bodacious Bouquet $14.00
Both Way Blossoms $11.50SOLD
Bundle Up (NEW UM) $12.00
Business Boosters $13.00
Cute Converse $ $8.00
Easy Elegance $10.00
Fine Frames $6.50
Fine Lace BG $9.00
Flowers & Flourish $9.50
Gently Falling $7.50
Genuine Articles $8.00
Happy Harmony $7.00
Headline Alphabet $20.00
Headline Numbers $11.00
Island Blossoms $15.00
It's A Date $8.00
Linen BG $9.00SOLD
Mon Ami $7.50SOLD
Monkey Business $12.00
Monogram L $8.50
Monogram S $8.50
Monogram T $8.50
Monogram & $8.50
Paint Prints $7.50
Perfect Ending $6.50
Phrase Starters II $9.00
Pocket Fun $10.00
Riveting $9.00
Serene Sunflower $15.00SOLD
Sew Seasonal $10.00
So Very $7.00
Swell News $8.00
Too Terrific Tags $7.00
Word By Word BG $9.00


Bouquet NEW $4.00SOLD
Bodacious NEW $4.00SOLD
Hot to Dot $3.00SOLD
Sew Sweet (jumbo) NEW $4.50SOLD


Colleen said...

I'd like Both Way Blossoms, please.

Melissas said...

Ooh, I would like Linen BG. Will also send an email! Thanks, Melissa

SueB said...

bummer! I was making a list and it included Both Way Blossoms, Linen BG and Mon Ami! At least the Mon Ami's not spoken for, comment-wise! I'll also send an e-mail and keep my fingers crossed!

later, alligator!
- SueB of sueblondin.blogspot.com

catt871 said...

I'd like your Serene Sunflowers please!! I'll send you an email!! Thanks!