Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Our Memorial weekend was pretty busy. We did lots around our house (worked on swing set, painted playhouse, built fire pit). We also went camping, which was pretty fun. We went with some people from Nate's kickball team. Cassidy was so excited to sleep in a tent. I was actually dreading it. How did we sleep? Well, let me put it this way...between the dogs barking, a frog right by our tent, the train that went by about 3am, and my feet freezing off...I did not get much sleep. But the other two in the tent seemed to sleep like logs. Today it was breezy outside and we promised to show Cassidy how to fly a kite. She really enjoyed that. Then soon got sidetracked by her kitty (Sherbet). It turned out to be a pretty nice weekend....besides being a little sleep deprived :)

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Deanne said...

Cute pics! I especially love the one of your little one smoothing down the cat! Sweet! I HATE camping in a tent!!The last time we did that I never slept the ENTIRE night! I was froze, and when I'm cold I can't sleep!
LOVE your cards! I have your blog added to my favs! Found it, btw,through "Stampin When I Can" blog!