Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Moving Soon

I wanted to post about my current craft room and plans to move it.
Currently I have a cute room in the basement, but here's the cons:

-Kind of bigger than I need
-really, really DARK
-Humidity is a problem in the basement and this is an issue-when what I do involves paper.
-climbing up & down stairs about 20 times during a class
-Soon will have a baby, and it will be easier to keep stuff on one level of the house.

My new room is a bedroom we currently use as an office/junk storage on our main level. It's a little smaller than my room downstairs, but has a closet that I can use and add organizers to really utilize the space. We will have to keep the computer in this room as well, so I will be losing some counter space. I'll have to come up with lots of wall storage units also.

Before we make the big move, I really need to paint this room. We haven't done anything to this room since moving and I always hated this nasty pink-ish color on the walls. What color(s) would you paint it? I want a color that is going to be bright & cheery as well as inspiring and flows well with the rest of my house. (my house is mostly earthy colors-lots of greens, browns, reds) I was thinking "River Rock" or even just a nice Khaki color. I know a lot of people paint "sky blue" in their craft room, and I would love to do that-but would it look okay with the rest of the house? (this room is close to the main activities of the house) Let me know your opinions :)


Melanie aka Batgirl said...

I like the River Rock idea :) you could add courtians or other things of colour and change that all the time.

jodene said...

I woud go with a very cheery color. Love Lime green.

Sheri said...

I agree that the River Rock idea sounds like it would mesh with the rest of your house well. Another color to consider might be a really soft yellow.

I tagged you on my blog, so come check out the details! :)

Nancy Grant said...

I think you should make the room the color that would be most satisfying to you. It's your house and you are paying for the privilege to paint it any way you want. If matching is more important to you then go with the River Rock. :-)

AJ said...

Any green is cheery, and soothing. Celery would be my choice, but river rock would go well with the rest. Good luck on making the move upstairs!