Monday, June 18, 2007

Expecting Something??

Yes, I am! Well, most of our family knows now and I guess its okay to tell the world now that I am pregnant with baby #2! Due right around Christmas, too. (about 13-14 weeks) Just wanted to make the holiday season a little more interesting, (or chaotic, stressful, tiresome, exciting) plug in your own adjective. Either way, (as somebody from my husband's family said yesterday) it will be the best Christmas present we'll ever have.
I'm pretty excited about being pregnant this time. With Cassie, I was scared to death with anything, especially delivery. And I ended up having a c-section anyway, (unplanned) so I missed out on being able to deliver her myself. Which, in a way was a relief, but I was scared to have the c-section when I wasn't expecting it. The 2 1/2 months following the surgery were very painful and that's something I would rather not go through again. If possible and if everything goes well, I'll try vbac.
As far as finding out, I would like to, Nate thinks otherwise. He wants a surprise, but I feel I need to be prepared this time, even though it really doesn't matter what we have. I ask Cassidy if she wants a baby brother or sister, she always answers "SISTER!" She'll be a little over 3 and I think she will be a good helper and a great sister.
That's my baby in the ultrasound picture above. Normally, the hospital I go to does not do any ultrasounds other than the 20 week, but when I went to my first appointment at about 10 weeks, the doctor said that I feel (uterus) like I should be about 12-15 weeks. Huh. I was sure my dates were right and everything was like normal, what the heck? Anyway, she said we'll schedule an ultrasound to measure the baby and see what they find out. She also said that we can't rule out the possibility of twins. Twins??? Ha! I laughed at her right then! She said its really not that uncommon-about 1 in 100. Needless to say I was a little nervous until the ultrasound only showed 1 baby. THANK GOD.
So until Christmas, I'll be Happy Nesting!


Sencie said...

Congratulations!! And how exciting!! Babies are wonderful!! :)

Libby Hickson aka stampinlibby said...

Congratulations!!! My son was due on Christmas day of 2005 - he held out and was born on the 27th. Guess he wanted his own special day!