Friday, February 22, 2008

Tag, I'm it

I was recently tagged by Maren, Thanks!

1. Stamping Style:
simple, easy, quick, cute and fast-are those even considered styles?
2. Inspiration: blogs
3. Color: can't live without chocolate chip, regal rose, certainly celery, and soft sky (there will be tears when that retires)
4. Work Space: I have a 10 ft counter space with cabinets, and shelves, and an entire closet in our office.
5. Perfect day: Sleep the entire night and wake up late, stamp/scrapbook while hubby takes care of girls, order out dinner.
6. First Job: worked at a deli in a small grocery store
7. Wildest dream: someday buy an old mustang and fix it up
9. Family: Nate-Husband, Cassidy-3, Lydia-8 weeks
10. Beverage: water, appletini
11. Biggest Challenge: losing weight

I'm tagging Kat on this one


Alexandra said...

Loved reading your answers Sara! And, I know EXACTLY what you mean, losing weight is my biggest challenge too! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Maren said...

Love those appletinis too! Thanks for playing! :-)

Anonymous said...

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denise said...

Sleep an entire night?! LOL! (soon i hope!)

Love your new banner!