Thursday, August 9, 2007

Perfectly Pierced Photo Corner

I have always wondered how people pierced their photo corners so perfectly. I figure they bought the Piercing kit and had the template to keep their holes so straight. Well, I do not own one of those kits and I don't plan on buying one. Although I did break down and get rid of my thumb tack and bought a paper piercer at Michaels for like $2.50, and came up with my own way of making my perfectly pierced photo corner!
(you may click on the pictures to get a larger view)

1. Start with a piece of cardstock, Photo Corner Punch, Paper Piercer, and a self-healing mat.

2. Punch out 2 photo corners of the same size. I punched the small size.

3. Next, line up the photo corners on top of each other overlapping just slightly.

4. Using the top photo corner as your guide, start piercing your paper along the edge.

5. Now move the top photo corner down slightly to make your 2nd row and punch along like in the previous step.

6. Now you're done with your perfectly pierced Photo Corner! Add this to your card or scrapbook page with a little dimensional.


Lisa C. said...

huh, GREAT idea! do you find the punch works good for you? I have not used photo corners before but find myself wanting this punch, has it been worth it?

Nancy Grant said...

I'm love'n this idea! Thanks for the info. I've often thought of piercing my corners too but I don't have a template either. Thank you so much!

Tandra said...

Smart! Smart! Smart!!!!