Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Answering a question

Melissas had a question on my card from my post early this morning: Sketch #15
Here's Melissa's question:

I love this card, especially the way the oval snowflake piece is tied
on using the ribbon. But I can't figure out just how you tied it. Will
you share how you did it?

Well, Melissa, I hope I can answer this question easily. Basically I took my ribbon and cut it to the length that I needed. Then I made a knot on one end. I punched holes in my Ovals, then threaded the ribbon through one side so the knot was now at the hole. Then I brought the ribbon around the card and threaded it through the other hole in the oval. I made a knot on that side (tight) so the ribbon would stay there. Then I put adhesive on the "tails" and stuck them to the ribbon.....Does this make any sense??? Hopefully that helps!!

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