Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Attention DSLR owners!

I have a dilemma. My camera has dust on the sensor. I took it to Ritz (where I purchased) and they said it will cost $65 (which isn't the problem) but will take 6-8 WEEKS! Dang. I cannot go that long without my camera. I don't have a backup either.

Anyone have an easier solution? I could just go and buy a p&s for the time being, but I'm sure hubby would think that is ridiculous. Although it would be nice to have a smaller camera to throw in my purse everywhere I go.

What do you suggest I do?? And if I buy a p&s, what do you recommend....I've been out of the camera tech-y loop for over 2 years!

ETA: I own a Nikon D70, I was told that there used to be a place in the twin cities that did it, but now closed. They (Ritz) sends the cameras to the East coast, but gave me the option to go through the Nikon Service center, which could take a month.

I have done research on this and I know about the "cleaning mode" but I don't dare touch the sensor because I might break it and cause $300 in repairs.


Jenn D said...

I have the Canon Digital SLR and I can open it up and clean it with the special cloth that came with the camera. I only have to make sure I put it in cleaning mode first. Can you do that?

6 - 8 weeks is a bit long. Do you have any camera shops that would do it in the store? It sounds like they are sending it out to me.

Glitterbug said...

I'd almost be lost without my DSLR! But I have an Olympus p&s that works well. Even the photo lab is impressed with its quality! It sucks up battery power faster than a hungry baby sucks up a bottle but rechargables help. Great back-up camera for the price. I've heard great things about Kodak too. Best Buy has good prices & they're not pd on commission. Best of luck to you!

Jan Scholl said...

get out the phone book and look under camera repairs and start calling to see who does repairs on site. dont send it out to whoever if you can get it done locally. Ritz sucks. I would not spend a penny there. they sell and that is all they are good for.