Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Upcoming Class

I love altering things, especially when Stampin' UP! makes such awesome stuff to work with! Our new designer papers make altering picture frames a snap. They're double-sided, so you have twice as much to choose from.

I found some un-finished wooden frames, but you could really use any flat style frame for this. I picked out some of my favorite papers and paired them up with coordinating papers from the same package. Then applied them to the frame. Then I added ribbons and some stamped embellishments.

The first one is for my daughter's room, she loves this picture of her cousin, Lauren and her riding "Charlie". The next is of our niece Allie, will probably go somewhere in our living room/dining room.

Call or email me to sign up for this class! It is September 28th @ 7pm. Hope you can make it!

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Jane said...

Did you see these wooden frames (or similar) are on sale at Michael's this week? Grab some for your class or for Christmas (I got mine for Christmas!)

Love what you did with them.