Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Mailbox Overflow-eth!

Here's some of the great b-day cards I received the other day! I'm just blown away!

This one is from my 3-year old. She's starting to draw people now!

This one is from Becky: our Great Swaps organizer-Thanks Becky!!

This one is the one my mom made! I love those papers! Thanks mom!

My sister made this one, my mom & her did the same design---must have had the same brainwaves going! Thanks Deb!

Isn't this one beautiful? My SIL made it-Thanks Brandy! I love these papers!

Vera from my swap group sent this cute one! Thanks Vera!

Jackie who is also from my swap group sent this one! I'm so humbled to be in the same swap group as these girls! Such talent! Thank you so much!


Alexandra said...

wow! Lucky you - you are obviously well loved!! Happy Birthday! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Janine said...

Love some of your cards especially the one from Mum. Mine wouldn't know where to start but she does make lovely apple pie even though she is in here eighties! Tried sketch 8 - here is the link

Nancy Riley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARA !!!! You are so lucky to receive such fabulous cards for your special day!

jodene said...

Very lovely cards! Happy birthday to you.

AJ said...

Yea! Happy Birthday!!
I am thinking mine will be late since it didn't make it yet!! So Sorry!!
Have a great one anyhow!!

Kathy Brown said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! The cards are all so beautiful. It's great that your mom and sis are into the card thing too!! TFS all the cards.

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday!!